Vintage Finds on Poshmark: What to Know About Returns

by Yvette in Comment — Updated October 26, 2023

Have you ever made an impulsive buy, only to wish you could hit the ‘undo’ button? I’ve been there, too. But fret not, Poshmark has you covered with a tailored experience for both buyers and sellers.

While most transactions on this platform are typically considered final, Poshmark does bend the rules for specific cases, provided you have a valid reason and follow their return policy closely.

Therefore, it’s crucial for both sellers and buyers to navigate its nuances effectively. So, let’s unravel the secrets of Poshmark’s return policy and uncover the path to securing a full refund.

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Key Takeaway

  • Poshmark’s return policy is stringent, but there are specific valid reasons for returns, including damaged or inaccurately described items.
  • Buyers must report issues within three days of delivery and follow a clear process for initiating a return.
  • To avoid return issues, sellers should provide accurate product descriptions, clear images, and maintain a good reputation, while buyers should thoroughly review product details.
  • Poshmark generally discourages returns, but the platform is reliable for most purchases.
  • They offer genuine deals and legal protection in case of unforeseen issues.

Poshmark Return Policy

Poshmark protects both the seller and the buyer. The Posh Protect policy states that products can only be returned when a wrong item has been delivered or the listing description does not match the item description before the purchase on the Poshmark platform.

Issues such as the buyer’s loss of interest in the product, receiving an incorrect size or fit issues, or delayed delivery are not considered valid reasons for requesting a return.

What Guarantees a Return?

While Poshmark generally upholds a policy of all sales being final, there are specific circumstances that the platform recognizes as valid reasons for initiating a return.

The following reasons include:

  • Damaged item delivered
  • Item not as described
  • Incorrect item delivered
  • Item delivered not authentic

Once the buyer has received the product and feels they need a return, they must report the issues within three business days after delivery to initiate the return request.

Therefore, buyers should be sure of what they are ordering to avoid such complications.

How to Initiate a Return

On receiving the product in question, the buyer has a right to break the package to confirm what has been delivered.

In case of a need to return, the buyer is expected to communicate to the Poshmark marketplace about the disappointment to initiate a return. This must be done through the Poshmark app or the web, based on how the buyer made the order.

Here are the steps to initiate the return through the app:

Step 1: Navigate to Your Poshmark Account

This is just the normal way of logging into your Poshmark account. The account you log into must be the one that you used when ordering the item.

Step 2: Go to My Purchases and Find the Item you Would Like to Return

Navigate to my purchases. From here, ensure that you locate the item that you would want to be replaced. Be keen to pick the right thing, as this could stop the process if you pick the wrong item, especially if you have made several purchases.

Step 3: Problems / Order Inquiry

Once you click on the item you want to return, click the problem/inquiry button. This will lead you through another controller on return. Select the reason for the need for return.

From here, the buyer will be asked to upload the photos of the item received. All these must happen within three days from the time of delivery. From there, a Poshmark employee will be assigned to settle the case and, if need be, order a return.

Through the process, avoid blame games and upload as many clear photos in natural light as possible to make your return claim understandable.

The Poshmark Return Process

The Poshmark returns process is simple.

Once the buyer has uploaded the photos of the delivered item they want to be returned, a Poshmark employee will be involved to broker peace between the buyer and the seller.

The buyer tends to win or lose based on the photos they will send, as they are the ones that will be compared to the product description from the seller’s side.

The process becomes simple if the two parties do not engage in blame games.

Of course, the buyer must state a reason that aligns with the Poshmark return policy for the process to get to this end.

As a buyer, it would be so that you address the Poshmark reviewer and not the seller.

The Poshmark reviewer then decides on whether or not there should be a return or not. The Poshmark reviewers are professional, so it is not a matter of favors in this case.

Both the Poshmark sellers and the buyer get advice to end up in a win-win situation.

The buyer will suggest whether they need their money back for a full refund or would wish that the seller delivered the right item in instances when a wrong item was returned, say by mistake.

All products, including home decor and beauty products, qualify for a return.

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If the return is allowed, the buyer will need to repackage the item using the packaging materials initially used to deliver it and send it back using the address used to have it or the post office address that the seller will advise through the app representatives.

The resend should be done almost immediately after an agreement is obtained on the condition of the item.

Once the seller receives the returned item, they will initiate another delivery if the buyer opts for the right delivery with the right listing description, hopeful to do due diligence to avoid another return.

If not, the seller returns the funds through the app. This is then credited to the buyer’s app account for use in the future.

How to Avoid Return Issues

It’s clear the whole process of returning items through any app can be hectic and a waste of a lot of time. It would be a great idea to purchase once and for all.

Hence, it’s important to avoid such return issues. Both the buyer and the seller have a responsibility to prevent such problems, saving the shipping fees.

Seller’s Responsibility in Avoiding Return Issues

The seller should play the game well to avoid issues of return. Here are a few ways through which they can make this happen.

In product listing, the seller should craft a detailed product description as much as possible. The reports should be short and precise, with no room for presenting a different meaning to the target buyer.

Try as much as possible to avoid a CSS error, wrong item descriptions, or fake item descriptions to avoid having a lot of work.

Sellers should use the right images, capture all product angles, and display clear serial numbers for authenticity.

In addition, the seller’s reputation is crucial. It can either inspire trust in buyers or raise doubts about the quality of service.

Your reputation relies on consistently delivering what’s promised.

Buyer’s Responsibility in Avoiding Return Issues

In product selection, buyers should know what they want before getting to the product description. This helps them to choose what is right ideally.

Ensure that what is described in the image is exactly what you need. This minimizes the issues to do with returns.

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Learning From Returns

As a Poshmark seller, there are several lessons that you ought to learn from every return and address them proactively for better customer service.

Once the buyer has requested a genuine return, take appropriate action and the best customer service to take care of it without hurting the buyer again.

If there’s buyer’s remorse due to dissatisfaction with their purchase, it’s best for a seller to display humility and offer an apology. Do this in a heart-touching way so that the buyer gets another reason to buy from you again.

For instance, you can send a message through their inbox and express your resolution to do it better next time. Promise a better deal the next time they come your way by offering the full value of items.

Buyers can also learn something from the returns once they go through any. Just ensure that you order the right item to make your work easy.

Also, be sure you are dealing with a reputable seller, as you can obtain this from their customer rating bar.

This saves you a lot of drams as you can be sure to keep calm and wait for the item you ordered, knowing clearly that it shall be delivered.


Poshmark does not advocate for returns, although on rare grounds, a return can be needed. The Poshmark return policy is critical in ensuring all returns are within acceptable standards.

The company has done its best to deal only with reputable sellers, so return cases are normally lower, with almost zero false claims.

However, the few return needs are reported to be successful, so buyers should remain confident in buying through this popular online marketplace.

Whether buying boutique items, a pair of shoes, or shopping from popular brands, you can be sure of real deals and legal action in case of unfamiliar cases like matters with your bank account.

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