57 Unique 5-Minute Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

by Sammy in Comment — Updated October 16, 2023

This is what I call the Lazy-Girls guide to last minute easy DIY Halloween costumes. I applaud you, lazy Halloween-er, for your promise last holiday to make easy DIY Halloween costumes that would rock the neighborhood for 2010. Well, a year has past and All Hallows’ Eve is approaching faster than a group of kids running to your door for that bowl of chocolate bars sitting next to you right now.

In fact .. for many of us Halloween party-hoppers, that time is TONIGHT! And if you don’t have a costume now, chances are you’ll be rushing to get it together with a few minutes to spare before dancing to Thriller and hitting the punch bowl.

Thankfully, making easy DIY Halloween costumes need not be a multi-step process. In fact, you can do-it-yourself to the tune of three steps or less all while using the wardrobe you already own and other miscellaneous materials around your home — to prove it, I crowd sourced a ton of suggestions from Sammy Davis Vintage Facebook fans, and you all sent me a TON of ideas that I couldn’t pass up … and NOT pass along!

This year, avoid hightailing it to the mall for a cheap costume sold in an environmentally toxic plastic bag. Whether you’re reading this with 48 hours or 5 minutes to spare, read on for 57 options to painlessly easy DIY Halloween costumes in mere minutes.

Got a great Halloween costume pic you wanna share? Send it my way and I’ll post it here!

For Women

sports fan halloween costumeSports Fan

Wear as much sports paraphernalia as you possibly you can. Carry a drink cozy and repeatedly chant, “GO TEAM!”

Coffee / Starbucks

57 Unique 5-Minute Easy DIY Halloween Costumes 4

Carry a coffee cup. Keep sugar, cream and stirrers in your pocket. Or you can make your own using a tan dress and attach a printed Starbucks logo that you can print at home. Here is a link to the Starbucks logo . Just right click and print.


Using eyeliner, draw a large star onto your cheek. Carry a couple of dollar bills as your “bucks.”

antique fork and knife


Carry a fork and knife.

watering pail


Carry a watering pail and wear gardening or heavy leather gloves. Carry fake flowers for a finishing touch.

morton salt girl

Morton Salt Girl

Wear a rain coat and rain boots while carrying an umbrella.

question mark house


Using eyeliner, draw a question mark on your cheek.pile of clothes


Wear as many pieces of clothing you own. Cool down with a real or makeshift fan.

tip jar


Wear a black shirt and black pants. Added bonus if you carry a jar labeled “tips.”

banana girl


Wear a brown shirt and carry a bunch of bananas.



Wear running shorts, that race shirt from last year’s Thanksgiving 5K and your running shoes. Add a knee brace if you have one, or carry around a water bottle.playing cards

Poker Face

Tape playing cards to your face and wear sunglasses.

be on time stone

On Time

Tape a watch to your gluteus maximus.

nudist crossing sign

Nudist on Strike

Wear your regular clothes, but append a sign to your shirt that says “Nudist on Strike.”

running brides

Runaway Bride

Wear a bridal gown or old prom dress and add sneakers.

halloween shot glasses

Shot in the Dark

Dress in all black and wear a shot glass around your neck.

For Mentourist in hawaiian shirt


One tacky Hawaiian shirt is all you need – khaki shorts, sandals and sunglasses or a sun hat are a plus.

michael phelps cracker boxMichael Phelps

Wear any old bathing suit and throw a towel around your neck. In one arm, carry a larger container of party food that you constantly munch from – add a sticker that says “10,000 Calorie Diet.”

superman shirt


Wear a superman T-shirt under a suit and tie. Unbutton the shirt to reveal the “S” and say that you are Clark Kent!


Chick Magnet

Grab the horseshoe from above your front door and hang it over your head using whatever chain or thin rope you have.

baywatch board game


Dig into your summer storage for a pair of board shorts. Wear sunglasses, flip flops and dab some sunscreen on your nose for the full effect.

broken umbrella

The Rain Man

Carry an umbrella.

men at work

Business Man

Wear a suit.

open for business

Open for Business

Write “Open” on a white shirt using black marker.black eye

Black Eyed Peas

Be like the pop music group and use black eyeliner to outline one eye in black. Carry a bag of frozen peas.

hugh hefner

Hugh Hefner

Wear pajamas and a silk robe. For the full effect, add slippers and a pipe.

dog collar


Wear your dog’s dog collar. Bonus points if you bring the dog bowl with you (just make sure he has something to eat on Halloween night!)


Quarter Back

Tape quarters onto your back – just make sure you don’t need them for the parking meter!

kermit the frog

Gone Green

Wear green clothing head to toe.ninja


Take a long sleeved black shirt and place the head opening over your eyes so it appears as Ninja mask eye slits. Use the arms to tie the shirt behind your head. white glove

Michael Jackson

Wear a black hat and one white glove.



Wear all black and carry a camera. Warning: this costume makes you designated paparazzi at the Halloween party you attend.

apple genius bar

Apple Genius Bar Worker

Wear all black and carry all the Apple equipment you own. Carry your iPod, Macbook, iPad, iPhone and anything else that begins with a lowercase i. Just make sure you’re going to a safe Halloween party without risk of theft!

lumberjack lego


Wear a red flannel shirt.

Gold Digger

Gold Digger costume | Haloween costumes, Halloween outfits, Costume themesWear a gold shirt and carry a shovel.

For Kids

baby blowing nose

Running Nose

All you need is a matching track jacket and track pants. Wear a white shirt below and in black marker, write “NO” in large letters.

popped collar baby


Wear a polo shirt with the collar popped.

flower childFlower Child

Wear a floral dress and tie your hair into pigtails. Use eyeliner to draw a peace sign onto your cheek.

eat pie sign

Leftover Crust

Carry the crust of last night’s pie.sock puppet

Sock Monster

Safety pin socks to yourself – the trick is not to safety pin the same sock twice, since you are the drying machine’s sock monster.redwood tree


Wear brown pants and a green shirt. Safety pin leaves onto your shirt for bonus effect.

powdered face


Wear your regular clothes and powder your face until extremely light.

bad hair day

Bad Hair Day

Use hair products and multiple accessories to mess up your hair.

blue sheets

The Sky or Ocean

Wrap a deep blue sheet toga-style around your body. Carry a glass of water to be the ocean or tape cotton balls to your hair as clouds to be the sky.

For Pets

hooded sweatshirt dog

The “Hood”

Wear a hooded sweatshirt with the hood on at all times.

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