1980s Greek Key Blazer Styled 4 Ways for Spring

by Sammy in 11 Comments — Updated December 21, 2019

5 Things Sellers Want You to Know About Buying Vintage

When you think of an ’80s vintage blazer, you probably think of shoulder pads, power suiting and kitschy designs that epitomized the work wear look of an era when an increasing number of women were entering the professional style world at full fashion force.

While the masculine look was a 80s fashion trend for women, not all of the era’s collections were designed for the androgynous girl. Tailored, lightly colored and smartly styled pieces existed then and exist in today’s ’80s vintage  market, too.

Don’t believe me? Stacey Kay of popular thrift blog Goodwill Huntingg proves with today’s guest vintage style post that you don’t have to feel like a wide-shouldered football player when wearing an ’80s vintage blazer.

Keep reading after the jump to see how Goodwill Huntingg’s Stacey Kay styled her ’80s Greek key design blazer in four unique ways for spring!

I first met Stacey thanks to conversation on Twitter last year, and we quickly became close friends in the thrift and vintage worlds. I even had the opportunity to meet her for some in-person thrift store shopping last summer when she visited NYC!

Her thrift-tastic vintage style is as beautiful on the outside as her soul within. I’m so happy to have met another vintage lover who challenges my own self-expression by inspiring a more colorful, creative me.

Which of Stacey’s looks do you like best? Let me know in the comments below the post! 

xx, SD



5 Things Sellers Want You to Know About Buying Vintage

Goodwill Huntingg styled an ’80s vintage blazer that’s a single-breasted, hip-length cut designed with this sea green Greek key pattern on a white base.

Everyone needs that candy-colored blazer for a stylish statement piece that’s also fashionably functional for removable layering on spring days when the temperature changes from warm mornings to cool evenings.

The blazer’s sea green shade is one of this season’s color trends as seen on the runways for spring 2012. I’d never have guessed this piece was vintage, let alone from the ’80s!

’80s Blazer for Polished Prep

5 Things Sellers Want You to Know About Buying Vintage

5 Things Sellers Want You to Know About Buying Vintage

5 Things Sellers Want You to Know About Buying Vintage

OUTFIT:  Earrings – Vintage / Top – Vintage / Shorts – Thrifted Levi’s / Shoes – Vintage / Bag – Coach

GOODWILL HUNTINGG says: I love pairing blazers with destroyed denim or high-waist denim shorts. I think it adds an element of fun to an otherwise polished ensemble.

SAMMY DAVIS says: I had to do a double-take on the outfit to see that Goodwill Huntingg’s shorts were cut-offs! I’ve never thought to wear a long, luxe top over cut-off denim so that only a bit of the shorts pop below. Genius!

Without looking too polished or too prep, the green-yellow combo of pieces and accessories is creatively tasteful. I could see this worn to a country club and being the talk of the cocktail party conversation!

’80s Blazer for Corporate Casual Chic

5 Things Sellers Want You to Know About Buying Vintage

5 Things Sellers Want You to Know About Buying Vintage

5 Things Sellers Want You to Know About Buying Vintage

Outfit: Necklace -Vintage / Shirt – Vintage / Jeans –  Vintage / Belt – Ann Taylor Loft / Boots – Vintage / Scarf – Vintage / Pin – Gifted

GOODWILL HUNTINGG says: I loved mixing the different patterns on this outfit, and adding a touch of unexpected with the handkerchief hanging out of the blazer pocket.

SAMMY DAVIS says: I’ve never mastered the art of the pocket square, so I’m glad Goodwill Huntingg is here to show me how!

Goodwill Huntingg’s style strategy accessorized the blazer in such a way that you’d never guess the pocket square didn’t come with the blazer to begin with! Plus, that mosquito pin is too sweet and doesn’t distract from the blazer or outfit’s other great pieces.

’80s Blazer for Sporty Sass

5 Things Sellers Want You to Know About Buying Vintage

5 Things Sellers Want You to Know About Buying Vintage

5 Things Sellers Want You to Know About Buying Vintage

Outfit: Necklace – Vintage / Jeans – H&M / Shirt – H&M / Shoes – Unknown

GOODWILL HUNTINGG says: This is my super casual take on the vintage blazer, paired with a relaxed henley, jeggings and pointy toe flats.

SAMMY DAVIS says: Miss Huntingg, why can’t we know where these lux trainers are from! They are such a golden delight on your feet!

I love that Goodwill Huntingg’s demonstrated how the blazer can be worn with both dark and light shades of denim. Its versatility is made possible by her accessory choices and for these light-colored jeggings, Stacey went with a less-is-more approach to keep the look simple, sleek and slightly sporty.

’80s Blazer for Mixed Prints Magic

5 Things Sellers Want You to Know About Buying Vintage

5 Things Sellers Want You to Know About Buying Vintage

5 Things Sellers Want You to Know About Buying Vintage

5 Things Sellers Want You to Know About Buying Vintage

Outfit: Dress – Vintage / Shoes – Unknown / Belt – Thrifted

GOODWILL HUNTINGG says: I love mixing patterns, and I couldn’t resist pairing this patterned vintage blazer with the fun polka dots of this dress. The color combination just screams spring!

SAMMY DAVIS says: Note to self: Polka dot and Greek key patterns are a fabulous pairing!

Mixing prints is such a great way to express your style personality. Once you find a pairing that works for you, it can be a personal style touch you incorporate into outfits over and over again!

This pairing of sea green and robin’s egg blue is so easy on the eye because each is designed with white. The white belt between the pieces helps to blend the patterns together, almost making it appear as if you weren’t mixing prints at all.

I could see this look perfect for Easter egg hunting or to wear when daffodils first begin to bloom.



Stacey Kay is a 24-year-old vintage and fashion enthusiast from Binghamton, NY who graduated from Kent State University in 2010 with a degree in Fashion Merchandising.

She used her passion and knowledge in fashion to launch Goodwill Huntingg shortly after graduation while managing a blossoming writing career as a freelance blogger for Goodwill Industries International and author of two seasonal Thrift Guides available for purchase on MagCloud.

With plans to launch a re-purposed vintage line in her Etsy shop Parlor City Vintage, Stacey Kay continues to use her fashion and business creativity to create content and product that inspires women to wear vintage that reflects the trends of today.

Find Stacey Kay on Twitter and say hello on her Goodwill Huntingg Facebook page!

All photos were shot & styled by Goodwill Huntingg


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11 thoughts on “1980s Greek Key Blazer Styled 4 Ways for Spring”

  1. LOVE it with the polka dot dress! Stacy is such a style pro!

    • She truly, always is! XO

  2. I love everything about every look!
    I love that mint green is in this Spring an I’m going to lust over it until I get sick of it!

    • Actually Carmen sea-mint green shades are perfect with your skin tone!

  3. What an amazing blazer! It just screams style, and Goodwill Huntingg does it perfectly in all four looks. <3 But I think number 4 has to be my fav. It's edgy and sweet all rolled into one.

    Love the four styles segments, it's so much fun to see how one gem can be so versatile!

    (PS, you talked me into it. Urges satisfied from my recent thrift hunt, and boy did I find a couple of gems :D)

    • Listen to the urges! They are thrift-stincts! Thanks so much for reading and loving Goodwill Huntingg … Stacey Kay rocks it! Share any of your recent finds from thrift hunts on the fanpage. Hoping to have more sharing happen there and I’d love for you to initiate the trend! xx

  4. Love look #2! My favorite thrift store purchases as of late have been button down shirts. Classic look on you and I love the color mix.

    • We reach a point where we can’t keep buying the same things over and over again (what I tend to do). Good to hear you are practicing some thrift practicality, Kris! xx

  5. That is such an adorable shirt! Love it!

    • That’s what I get for reading and typing at the same time. I was refering to look #2.

      • No worries Jayme. That is my nature too. The internet makes things so much faster! Thank you for reading and commenting on so many posts on the site. I appreciate it! Goodwill Huntingg is truly a thrift & vintage fashion talent. I hope you get a chance to check out her site, too! xx


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