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by Sammy in Comment — Updated December 19, 2019

customer survey: your experiences buying vintage online

Last July I released the survey, “Your Experiences Shopping for Vintage Online”  to connect with the online vintage customer community and learn more about their thoughts, opinions and concerns behind shopping for vintage online. I gathered this information to give vintage sellers so that they could – based on their own analysis of results – make changes to their online shops and selling strategy to better serve #vintagelovers everywhere.

I was inspired to orchestrate this survey thanks to the suggestion of The Vintage Mistress. Founder Elizabeth was inspired to suggest her idea to me after I organized a survey for vintage sellers that I packaged here: The True Lives of Vintage Sellers: Daily Dilemmas & Doubts.

This survey was intended for the vintage customer and provided an anonymous forum for them to share how they feel about such touchy subjects as mannequin vs. model, pricing, presentation, description and seller-buyer communication.

I hope these results help YOU – the seller! – to better operate your businesses so that you can live a life you love and for the good of the world … keep on spreading #vintagelove. 

Thank you to everyone who helped promote this survey so that nearly 600 respondents participated! It’s because of you that my platform for #vintagelove is possible. We are one another’s teachers.

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Q1) What is the deciding factor for purchasing a similar item offered by 2 different shops?

Sampling of “other” responses … 

<< Completeness of information in listing. For example, if I’m shopping for a dress and one seller includes the measurements of the dress as well as its marked size, that may encourage me to choose the item with more information about its measurements. 

<< When I shop for a vintage item it’s usually because I want something specific. I would not be averse to paying a higher price for an item that more closely matches what I’m seeking. So sometimes, it comes down to how the item is photographed and described for me. 

<<  For me it’s really a combination of things, but if I have to pick just one answer, all other things being equal I would pick by price. BUT! The great thing about vintage shopping is that you’re rarely picking among two apples. One is always a better size, better shop and just the more “perfect” match to what you’re looking for. Once you find that one piece, emotion takes over and all the other factors fall away. 

Q4) What is your main concern when purchasing vintage online? 

Sampling of “other” responses … 

<< Will it ever arrive? 

<< That the seller knows how to measure and how to look for/describe flaws. Also, their experience within industry. 

<< How much customs tax and charges I will be asked for at the UK end. 

Q7) What information would you like to see in the item’s description that’s not always present? 

Sampling of “other” responses … 

<< I don’t even think I’ve ever seen a seller describe where the piece was found, and I would REALLY love to see that. I get jealous of other people’s treasure hunting! 

<< It would be great to see multiple models wear the same piece to get a feel for how it looks on different body types, skin tone, hair color, height, etc. 

<< I find it very helpful when sellers say things like “great for boyish figures/curvy girls/small waist/etc.” Sometimes measurements don’t give an accurate picture of fit. 

Q8) How do you prefer to see a garment displayed? 

Sampling of “other” responses … 

<< I strongly dislike live models. It usually doesn’t give me a good indication of how the garment would look on me (I’m a bit of a narcissist I guess!) and I like knowing construction details i.e. the innards of the piece. 

<< It’s nice to see how the garment hangs on a “live body.” I especially find it helpful when they add the models measurements so I can compare them to my own.

<< I prefer to see a dress on a mannequin with arms and legs, not a live model. And a dress form can make some style of clothes look lifeless or frumpy. I like the look of many of the vintage live models but I don’t buy those clothes, I don’t like that they were wearing the garment and probably sweating in it during the photos! Somehow it’s a turn off, especially with swimsuits and lingerie! 

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1.) Survey was promoted via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +) and mass‐emailed to subscribers of the Sammy Davis Vintage newsletter. Other distribution occurred on behalf of community promotion (i.e. a seller or buyer sharing on Facebook).

2.) Incentive: 3 $50 gift certificates to Etsy were randomly given to respondents. Katie, Sarah and Crystal were randomly chosen to receive the gift certificates using and were notified on July 24th, 2013.

3.) Average age of respondents according to survey results: 18‐25 years old.

4.) Average geographic location of respondents according to survey results: Northeast US.

5.) Survey remained open from Friday, July 12th, 2013 to Monday, July 22nd, 2013.

6.) 558 responses were collected before close.

7.) Survey was 100 percent anonymous with exception of email request (optional) to be entered for random drawing of $50 gift certificate winner.

8.) Responders could “skip” questions in survey at free will.

9.) Survey was 100 percent voluntary and not compensated per individual basis.

10.) Survey was not delivered via a professional marketing/statistical information gathering service Sammy Davis Vintage does not claim to be responsible for accuracy of results, data and analysis.

11.) The results of this survey are in no form 100 percent representative of the industry and were collected to inspire, entertain and enlighten the Sammy Davis Vintage audience.


Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 3.24.05 PM

<< CLICK HERE to download the results for free! >>

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