The Alluring Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Pink Diamond Jewelry

by Nicole in Comment — Updated November 10, 2022

First it was sapphire, then it was to diamonds. Now colored diamond jewelry are all the rage nowadays and the reason is obvious- they are fun, quirky and give an added oomph to an already elegant stone.

In the case of pink diamonds, they give a certain vibe- of femininity, allure and innocence. They look romantic and are excellent centerpieces to jewelry pieces may it be for everyday use or to give to someone on a special day.The Alluring Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Pink Diamond Jewelry

Pink diamond jewelry are popular in the jewelry market and are readily available in stores from luxury brands like Astteria where you can choose to buy ready-made pieces or have a special piece customized to your liking.

If you are thinking of buying pink diamond jewelry, then continue reading to learn about the reasons behind the popularity of this extraordinary colored stone.The Alluring Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Pink Diamond Jewelry

Defining Pink Diamond Jewelry

Any piece of jewelry embedded with pink diamonds is considered pink diamond jewelry. It can come in the form of a huge piece and serve as the centerpiece, or they can also be set in tiny pieces to make a whole ensemble.

Pink diamonds are considered very rare in the diamond world as only a handful can be mined annually and that was way back when the Argyle Mine in Western Australia was still open. And although they can be found elsewhere in notable locations, they are still as rare as ever, hence, it can be expected that the price tag attached to every piece will be expensive.

What Makes Pink Diamond Jewelry?

Every piece of pink diamond jewelry is graced with this extremely precious colored stone. We have mentioned about the origin of natural pink diamonds in the previous section, but having said that they are some of the rarest colored diamonds available in the market, you may be curious about how else they are developed.

There is an option to buy synthetic pink diamonds. These are stones grown in laboratories with the use of diamond seeds. They help alleviate the shortage of their natural counterparts and also provide a more practical option for customers looking to buy a more affordable piece of pink diamond jewelry.

What Are The Elements Involved In Pink Diamond Jewelry?

As a standard in diamond grading, there is the ever famous 4Cs which is the basic metric for grading diamonds. Cut, color, clarity and carat weight are what make up this set of variables and experts use them as a basis on how to properly grade diamonds whether colored or clear.

There is also the factor of origin- which was why it is important to determine whether the pink diamond is natural or synthetic.The Alluring Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Pink Diamond Jewelry

Aside from the diamond itself, the body of the jewelry piece also factors into what makes pink diamond jewelry. For example, whether it is gold or silver plated among others.

The accompanying gems are also another element. Most diamond jewelry pieces have primary stones and then secondary ones. The latter is usually a different colored diamond or most often clear to make the pink color stand out even more.

These elements constitute pink diamond jewelry pricing and can dictate the price tag of every piece.The Alluring Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Pink Diamond Jewelry

Final Thoughts About Pink Diamond Jewelry

Whether for everyday wear or for special occasions, pink diamond jewelry is always a popular choice. Many prefer this color of diamond because it gives off the aura of innocence and femininity for faint pink diamonds while romance and allure for the vivid ones.

Popular jewelry stores like Astteria are customer favorites and a good place to start looking if you plan to buy a piece of pink diamond jewelry.The Alluring Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Pink Diamond Jewelry



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