Pairing Wedding Rings For Vintage Loving Couples

by Nicole in , Comment — Updated November 8, 2022

Wedding rings come in a remarkable range of designs. As a result, if you and your significant other have a taste for vintage items, you should know there are vintage wedding rings available to interested individuals. They are a wonderful way for you to show your love in a way that reflects your shared tastes.

Check Out These Examples of Vintage Wedding Rings

Here are some examples of the vintage wedding rings available to you and your significant other from one of my new favorite ring makers Thorum:

For Her – The Athena

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The Athena was named for the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom. Decked out in full hoplite panoply, she stood as patron of the famous city of Athens, having won the position by gifting its inhabitants the olive tree. For comparison, her opponent Poseidon gave them a saltwater spring, which didn’t quite elicit the shouts of joy that he expected. Regardless, this ring has the simple but nonetheless beautiful elegance that one would expect from grey-eyed Athena. Its band is soft-brushed titanium, a material that will stand the test of time better than any precious metal. Meanwhile, its stone is cubic zirconia, which shines as pleasantly as any diamond but is much more ethical and eco-conscious.

For Him

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Top Left: The Hercules – Top Right: Magni – Bottom Left: The Norseman – Bottom Right: The Aloha

Moving on, The Aloha is named thus because the band is made out of Hawaiian koa. For those curious, that is a beautiful hardwood from a fast-growing tree endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. Traditionally, the ancient Hawaiians used koa to make outrigger canoes, which speaks volumes about their faith in its reliability. Nowadays, it sees use in a wider range of products, not least because its color ranges from burnished gold to rich brown-black. Here, the Aloha pairs koa with a band of tungsten carbide.

Hercules was a symbol of protection as much as he was a symbol of strength to the Romans. Naturally, The Hercules ring that bears his name is made out of not one but two strong materials. First, there is titanium, which is strong but lightweight. Second, there is ironwood, a Caribbean and South American wood once prized for its hardness, toughness, and surprising medicinal applications. This by far is my personal favorite ring.

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Meanwhile, The Magni refers to Norse mythology. Magni was one of Thor’s two sons, a representation of his father’s might in the same way that his brother was a representation of his father’s wrath. Together, the two are destined to survive the end of days, at which point, they will inherit Thor’s Mjolnir. The Magni boasts a ceramic core, which is bound with two ironwood strips flanking an inlay of fire opal. Consequently, its distinctive design makes it quite good at capturing and holding attention.

The Norseman is a simpler but no less pleasing band. In its case, its metal is titanium, while its whiskey barrel-derived wood has been sealed for an eye-catching shine. The contrast between the two materials serves to make each stand out that much more to the senses. Put together, the Norseman is the epitome of stylish simplicity.

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