Modern Security Systems in Your Vintage-Style Home

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There is something about old homes that is just so charming, and people travel far and wide to behold fascinating architectural designs of the past. If your love for old homes cannot be satisfied until you own one, nothing should stop you from getting it.

However, it is important to consider that beauty and charm are not all you get with your vintage-style home. They also come with challenges, the most prominent being security. The thing is, vintage-style homes were built when security concerns were different.

To make your home livable in today’s security climate, you may have to consider updating its security systems. Below are some security systems you may want to consider.Modern Security Systems in Your Vintage-Style Home

Start With the Basics

As earlier mentioned, vintage-style homes were built at a time when security concerns were different. For example, some homes may have large ornate windows with nothing much behind the glass.

While eye-catching such a window is a security risk, meaning you may want to fix that by adding grills on the inside. Also, check that all locks and deadbolts are in good working order.

Also, ensure that you do not have overgrown hedges too close to the house that can provide a hiding place for potential buglers. Once you have the basics right, the next step would be looking at what technologies to incorporate without losing the home’s vintage feel.Modern Security Systems in Your Vintage-Style Home

Smart Locks

Smart locks allow users to control access to their homes using an app on their phone or a smart device. Smart locks enable users to set up multiple user profiles with their personal credentials, such as codes, fingerprint scans, and facial recognition.Modern Security Systems in Your Vintage-Style Home

These features provide users convenience and peace of mind since they eliminate the chances of a person gaining entry into the house by picking the lock.

Also, smart locks come with sensors that notify a homeowner when an unauthorized person tries to gain entry into the house, even when you are away, allowing you to notify the police for action.Modern Security Systems in Your Vintage-Style Home

Video Doorbell

Burglars sometimes ring the doorbell and wait to be let in. Luckily, a video doorbell can help you identify who is at the door before deciding whether or not to open it.

Video doorbells usually come with an app that allows you to view who is at the door in real-time irrespective of where you are, as long as you have an internet connection. Also, most come with a two-way audio feature that enables you to communicate with the person outside without opening the door.Modern Security Systems in Your Vintage-Style Home

You could inform them you intend to call the police. Having a feeling of police coming will more often than not have a burglar leave your property.

Access Control

Access control is a security system that lets users control who can access their property. It involves setting up authorization levels, allowing certain people access to certain home areas, and restricting access to others.

Access control systems are typically used in commercial spaces. But, they can also be applied in a home with many visitors.

One of the best ways of controlling access control is having a door or a gate you can control from a central location using the remote door and gate operators such as Liftmaster from, a home security systems company.

Sensors and Detectors

An effective home security system relies on several carefully-selected sensors to ensure full coverage. Motion detectors, sound sensors, and vibration detectors make up the arsenal used by modern homeowners looking to keep their property safe – even when they’re not around.

With motion detectors installed in living rooms or entrances, glass breakage detectors for windows, and vibration detectors at doorways, you can rest assured that any unauthorized presence will be quickly identified and an alarm triggered if necessary.

Detectors work best when paired with cameras, so you are aware of an intrusion, what weapon the intruder has, and if they are armed, which can help in planning your approach to the situation.

Modern Security Systems in Your Vintage-Style Home

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