Poshmark for Beginners: Tips on How to Sell in 2024

by Yvette in Comment — Updated October 26, 2023

Are you looking for an online platform to buy and sell secondhand clothing and accessories?

If so, Poshmark is the perfect place for you! It’s an online marketplace where you can buy and sell new and pre-owned clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty products.

Poshmark for beginners stands out for its user-friendly interface, robust seller protection policies, and vibrant community of buyers and sellers, making it the go-to choice for fashion enthusiasts.

If you’re new to Poshmark, it can be overwhelming to start your selling journey. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll give tips and tricks to help you navigate the Poshmark app and turn your clothes into cash.

Poshmark for Beginners: Tips on How to Sell in 2024 29

Key Takeaways

  • Poshmark is an ideal platform for beginners due to its user-friendly interface, active community, and low entry barriers.
  • The platform simplifies selling by managing payments, shipping, and customer service while offering protection for both buyers and sellers.
  • To succeed on Poshmark, optimize your profile, list items effectively, engage with the community, and offer excellent customer service.
  • Focus on SEO optimization, strategic pricing, sharing listings frequently, using high-quality photos, and offering bundle discounts.
  • Building a loyal customer base and aiming to become a Poshmark Ambassador can help you grow as a seller and turn Poshmark into a profitable side hustle.

Why Poshmark is a Great Platform for Beginners?

Poshmark is an excellent platform for beginners for several reasons:

Easy to Use Interface

One of the main reasons why Poshmark is a great place for beginners is its user-friendly interface.

The app’s interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it simple for users to list items for sale, communicate with potential buyers, and manage their sales.

The easy-to-use design allows anyone to start selling on Poshmark, regardless of their experience level.

Built-In Social Network

Poshmark’s social network is another excellent feature that sets it apart from other e-commerce platforms.

The app is designed to be interactive, allowing users to follow and interact with other sellers, buyers, and fashion enthusiasts.

Sellers can leverage the social network aspect of Poshmark to increase their visibility and connect with potential buyers.

The social aspect of the app also makes it easy to find and connect with other people who share your interests and passions.

It allows sellers to share their products on social media accounts and connect with potential buyers. You can reach a wider audience and increase sales by promoting your products on multiple platforms.

Low Barrier to Entry

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Poshmark has a low barrier to entry, making it accessible to anyone who wants to sell fashion items online.

Users can start by selling items they already own, and there is no minimum inventory requirement.

Poshmark is also a great platform for people who want to test the waters of online selling without committing to a full-time business. The low-cost fees also make it easy for beginners to profit without risking too much.

Active Community of Buyers and Sellers

Poshmark’s active community of buyers and sellers is a significant advantage.

With millions of users, there’s always someone looking to buy. This community also makes it easy for beginners to get feedback and advice from others, fostering a sense of belonging and making selling more enjoyable.

Poshmark Takes Care of the Details

Poshmark simplifies the process for sellers. This lets them concentrate on their core strengths: curating and selling fashion items.

The platform manages payment, shipping, handling, and customer service on behalf of sellers.

This service proves particularly beneficial for newcomers to online selling, as it relieves them of the administrative burdens associated with running an e-commerce venture.

Additionally, it offers protection to both buyers and sellers in cases of fraudulent activities or disputes. This ensures a secure and worry-free platform experience.

Wide Range of Products to Sell

Poshmark hosts various product categories, from clothing, shoes, and accessories to home decor and beauty products. This means that you can sell almost anything on the platform.

Moreover, Poshmark has a community of fashion enthusiasts and sellers, making it easier to find your target audience and boost your sales.

Low Fees and High Earnings

Poshmark charges a low commission fee of 20% of the sale price, which is lower than most online platforms.

Moreover, Poshmark offers several incentives to encourage sellers to make more sales, such as free shipping credits and discounts on commission fees.

This means that you can earn more money while keeping your costs low.

Mobile App Convenience

Poshmark’s smartphone app allows you to manage your closet, list items, communicate with buyers, and track sales on the go.

This flexibility is perfect for those looking to earn extra income without committing to a full-time job.


Poshmark provides opportunities for search engine optimization (SEO) by allowing you to use keywords in your listings.

This can help your items appear in search engine results, attracting buyers beyond the Poshmark community.

How to Set Up Your Poshmark Account

The first step to start selling on Poshmark is to create an account. It’s easy and free! Here are the steps:

1. Create and Optimize Your Poshmark Account

To create a Poshmark account, you can download the app and sign up using your Facebook or email address.

Poshmark for Beginners: Tips on How to Sell in 2024 31

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be prompted to choose a username, add your shipping address, and choose your preferences for notifications.

Poshmark for Beginners: Tips on How to Sell in 2024 33

After successfully creating and verifying your profile you need to optimize it for visibility.

Optimizing your profile on Poshmark is essential to make a positive impression on potential buyers and sellers.

To optimize your profile, choose a profile picture that is clear and professional.

Choose a username that reflects your style and interests and add a profile picture. It’s best to use a name that is easy to remember and reflects your brand or style.

Your profile is like your storefront, so it should look appealing and professional. You can also add a short bio to introduce yourself to potential buyers.

Poshmark for Beginners: Tips on How to Sell in 2024 35

2. List Your Items

Poshmark for Beginners: Tips on How to Sell in 2024 37

Listing your first item on Poshmark is a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little planning and preparation, you can create a listing that is informative, attractive, and competitive.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Take Photos of the Item

The best way to showcase your items is by taking clear photos in natural light. Take photos of the item from different angles, and capture any flaws or damage.

Wrapping the item in tissue paper and placing it on a white background can make it more visually appealing. When listing clothing items, it is helpful to include the size and the brand name.

Poshmark for Beginners: Tips on How to Sell in 2024 39

Set the Listing Price

Setting the right listing price is a crucial aspect of selling on Poshmark. It can greatly influence your chances of making a sale and maximizing your earnings.

When setting the listing price, it is important to research similar items on Poshmark. This will give you an idea of the market value and help you price your item competitively.

Be sure to set a fair and reasonable price for your items so buyers will be interested in purchasing them.

Poshmark for Beginners: Tips on How to Sell in 2024 41

Promote Your Listings

Posh Parties are a great way to promote your listings and connect with other sellers and buyers. Posh Parties are virtual events that occur 2-3 times a day and are centered around specific themes or categories.

By participating in Posh Parties, you can increase your chances of getting noticed by potential buyers.

You can also promote your listings on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Get Paid on Poshmark

Poshmark for Beginners: Tips on How to Sell in 2024 43

Poshmark uses a secure payment system to ensure that both buyers and sellers are protected.

When a buyer purchases an item, the money is held by Poshmark until the buyer has received the item and confirmed that it is as described.

Once the buyer confirms that they are satisfied with the item, Poshmark releases the payment to the seller. Sellers can transfer their earnings to their bank account or PayPal or use the money to make purchases on Poshmark.

3. Showcase Your Items

The way you showcase your items on Poshmark can have a big impact on your sales.

Here are a few tips for creating visually appealing and informative listings:

Presentation Matters

As a Poshmark seller, it’s ideal to focus on showcasing your items in the best possible way.

Your photos are your cover and storefront, so make them count!

The good news is you don’t need a professional camera or a fancy studio to take great product photos. All you need is natural light and a clean and clutter-free space.

To do this, open your curtains or go outside on a sunny day, and avoid taking photos at night or in a dimly lit area.

Take multiple photos of the item from different angles, including close-ups and full-body shots. Use the built-in editing tools on Poshmark to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation.

If possible, use a white background, such as a poster board or a sheet, to make your item pop.

Poshmark for Beginners: Tips on How to Sell in 2024 45

Packaging and Shipping

Poshmark for Beginners: Tips on How to Sell in 2024 47

Once a buyer purchases your item, the packaging and shipping process begins. As a Poshmark seller, you are responsible for shipping the item within three days of the sale.

You can use tissue paper, stickers, and thank-you notes to add a personal touch to your package.

Purchase shipping supplies such as polymailers, bubble wrap, and tape from a store or online marketplace.

Print the shipping label on Poshmark, which includes a flat fee of $7.11 for items under 5 lbs and Priority Mail service with tracking.

You can also offer a shipping discount to buyers who bundle multiple items from your closet. This can help increase your sales and promote customer loyalty.

4. Build Your Poshmark Closet

One of the most important things you can do to be successful on Poshmark is to build a strong closet. This means having various items available in good condition at competitive prices.

Here are a few tips for building your Poshmark closet:

Expand Your Inventory

Now that you have mastered the art of presenting and shipping your items, it’s time to expand your inventory and attract more potential buyers.

Adding new listings to your Poshmark closet is a great way to get more exposure and show your buyers that you are an active and reliable seller.

You can list items from your personal collection that are in good condition, explore garage sales and flea markets for unique finds, or source from popular brands and retailers.

You can also sell unwanted items or clothes that no longer fit you or your style. This can help declutter your space while earning extra money.

Popular Brands and Items to Sell

While Poshmark allows you to sell various items, specific categories tend to perform exceptionally well.

Vintage clothing, for instance, can be a lucrative choice if you have retro pieces in your wardrobe.

Additionally, designer items, especially from sought-after brands like Louis Vuitton, Anthropologie, Nike, Lululemon, Zara, and Chanel, often find eager buyers on the platform.

To excel in your Poshmark sales, it’s beneficial to identify and research popular brands and items that resonate with your target audience.

You can easily discover this by using the search bar and filters to locate similar items, assessing their listing prices, sold prices, and customer feedback.

Also, considering that Halloween is approaching, it’s an opportune moment to list any costumes or festive clothing you may have on hand.

Poshmark for Beginners: Tips on How to Sell in 2024 49

5. Connect with the Poshmark Community

Connecting with the Poshmark community is a great way to boost your sales, get feedback on your listings, and learn from other sellers. You can do this by:

Join Posh Parties

Poshmark for Beginners: Tips on How to Sell in 2024 51

Posh Parties are virtual events on Poshmark where users can browse and share listings that match a specific theme or category, such as Designer Handbags, Men’s Style, and Vintage Finds.

Joining a Posh Party can increase your visibility, attract potential buyers, and connect you with other Poshmark sellers.

You can also aim for a Host Pick. This occurs when a Poshmark Ambassador or top seller selects one of your items as their favorite and showcases it to other users during the party.

Participating in a Posh Party is easy: select the party from the Feed or Parties tab, share relevant items, and engage with other users.

Networking on Social Media

Poshmark for Beginners: Tips on How to Sell in 2024 53

Leveraging social media can also help you grow your Poshmark presence and connect with potential buyers and sellers.

You can use platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to showcase your Poshmark listings, share your story, and engage with your followers.

You can also explore Facebook Marketplace, which is a separate online marketplace within Facebook that allows you to buy and sell items to people in your local area.

By networking on social media, you can gain more exposure, learn from other Poshmark sellers, and build long-term relationships with your community.

Handle Customer Inquiries

When buyers inquire about your listings, reply professionally and promptly. If you encounter an issue beyond your control, remember that Poshmark’s customer support team is available to assist you.

They can help with various concerns, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your buyers.

How To Grow as a Poshmark Seller -Tips for Success

To turn your Poshmark closet into a side hustle, you need to treat it as a real business.

Growing as a Poshmark seller and achieving success on the platform requires a combination of strategies, dedication, and continuous learning.

Here are some valuable tips to help you thrive as a Poshmark seller:

Optimize Your Poshmark Account for SEO

Using relevant keywords in your Poshmark account can help increase your visibility and attract more potential buyers.

Specifically, you can use keywords related to the items you are selling, the brands you offer, and your location.

Using the right keywords in your Poshmark closet and profile description can help increase your search visibility and connect with the right audience.

Maximize Poshmark Parties

Posh parties provide a great way to showcase your items and gain exposure to a broader audience.

Use Posh parties to list items in good condition, on-trend, or from popular brands that people are searching for.

Choose parties related to specific items or themes to connect with the right audience, and remember to use keywords in your listings to increase your visibility.

Share, Share, Share!

One of the keys to success on Poshmark is to share your items frequently. By sharing your listings, you’re making them more visible to other users, which, in turn, can lead to more sales.

We recommend sharing your items at least three times a day but feel free to share more frequently if you have the time.

Use High-Quality Photos

Using high-quality photos is highly important in online selling. They serve as the initial impression for potential buyers, influencing their decision-making process.

To present items accurately, it’s advisable to take photos in good natural lighting, capturing various angles with a clean background.

A striking cover photo featuring your top-selling items can significantly impact buyer interest. Quality images boost credibility and enhance the likelihood of successful sales.

Poshmark for Beginners: Tips on How to Sell in 2024 55

Price Items Strategically

The listing price of your item is a critical factor in attracting potential buyers. It is best to set a fair price based on the item’s condition, original price, and market demand.

It’s always a good idea to research prices of similar items sold by top sellers on the platform.

Offer Shipping Discounts for Bundles

Attract buyers to buy multiple items from your closet by offering reduced shipping rates for bundles.

Providing bundle discounts can also draw in potential buyers and enhance your chances of making a sale.

This approach makes your listings more attractive and boosts the average transaction value.

Write Informative Descriptions

The description section is your chance to sell your item and give potential buyers all the necessary information. Be sure to include the item’s brand, size, color, and any other important details.

Also, be honest about any flaws or imperfections the item may have. Buyers appreciate transparency and honesty.

Be Persistent

Achieving success as a Poshmark seller demands both time and patience. It’s crucial not to become disheartened if sales don’t materialize immediately.

Instead, remain committed to your efforts by consistently sharing your listings, participating in community events, and actively interacting with fellow users.

In online selling, it’s this steadfast perseverance that ultimately reaps the rewards.

Use the ‘Offer to Likers’ Feature

Poshmark’s ‘Offer to Liker’ feature is an effective way to increase your sales and attract buyers.

This feature allows you to send discounted offers to potential buyers who have liked your listings. The offers are stored in their accounts for 24 hours, encouraging buyers to purchase quickly.

Using the ‘Offer to Liker’ feature is a great way to reach out to interested buyers and increase your chances of sales.

Build Relationships with Your Customers

To be successful in Poshmark, you must build a loyal customer base.

Cultivate regular customers by providing excellent service, fast shipping, and quick responses to inquiries. You should always be ready to answer your customers’ questions and concerns.

It’s also best to respond to comments promptly and in a friendly and professional tone.

You may also include a thank you note and a small gift in your shipped packages to make your customers feel valued.

Respond to Comments and Offers Quickly

When someone comments on one of your listings or sends you an offer, you want to respond as quickly as possible. Quick responses show that you’re an active seller and can increase your chances of making a sale.

Become a Poshmark Ambassador

The Poshmark Ambassador program comes with fantastic perks, such as shipping discounts, the option to refer new users, and priority mail supplies.

To become a Poshmark Ambassador, you’ll need to meet certain criteria, like selling at least 15 items, sharing listings at least five times daily, and maintaining a rating of at least 4.5.

Once you meet these requirements, you’ll be well on your path to earning additional income.

Final Thoughts

Poshmark is a fantastic platform for beginners to explore the world of online selling.

With its user-friendly interface, active community, and flexible options, it provides an excellent opportunity to earn extra income or start a side hustle.

By following the tips and guidance provided in this beginner’s guide, you can embark on your Poshmark journey with confidence.

Remember to stay engaged, continually improve your listings, and enjoy sharing your style and making meaningful connections within the Poshmark community.

Whether cleaning out your closet or seeking a new adventure in fashion, Poshmark offers an accessible and exciting path to success. With determination and dedication, you can turn Poshmark into a side hustle that allows you to earn extra cash and grow your business.

Start your re-selling journey today with Poshmark. Happy selling!

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