History’s Most Famous Haunted Jewelry

by Nicole in Comment — Updated April 11, 2023

History's Most Famous Haunted JewelryWhether or not you believe in the supernatural, there’s nothing better than a good spooky story, and there are a surprisingly large number of spine-tingling tales attached to vintage jewelry.

We’ve rounded up some of the most compelling and hair-raising examples of precious pieces that are allegedly haunted, cursed or otherwise imbued with dark magic. And whether or not they still exist, or even existed in the first place, there’s fun to be had in thinking about them on a dark and brooding evening when you’re safe and warm at home.

The Amulet of Countess Elizabeth Bathory: A Cursed Piece Of Iron Age Jewelry

The story surrounding the amulet of Countess Elizabeth Bathory might be true, or a mere flight of fancy, but it’s an entertaining example either way.

History's Most Famous Haunted Jewelry
Elizabeth Báthory. Interfoto/Alamy

This ancient piece was crafted during the Iron Age, and is said to contain a powerful curse that has followed its owners through time. It’s believed that whoever wears it will suffer terrible misfortune and tragedy, including death! The Curse of Bathory legend states that anyone who wears this necklace will experience bad luck for seven generations or more.

While some might consider this superstition, others truly fear what this mysterious charm can do if worn by an unsuspecting victim.

Of course not all vintage jewelry is haunted or cursed, but there might be some other question marks about its origins that modern audiences aren’t comfortable with. That’s where checking out VRAI’s ethical engagement rings comes into play. Not only will new pieces be free from any historic issues, but they also use lab-grown diamonds which are better for the planet than mined gems.

The Jeweled Necklace of Lucrezia Borgia: A Haunted Renaissance Artifact

This next item of morbid fascination is a richly appointed necklace that is said to be cursed, and comes with its own set of frightening stories attached, as you’d expect.

History's Most Famous Haunted Jewelry

According to legend, this 16th century piece was owned by the infamous Italian noblewoman, who may have used it as an instrument for her sinister actions.

It has been claimed that anyone who wears or even touches this necklace will have a black mark against their name in the pages of fate’s library, creating the potential for all sorts of untoward events to come their way. So if you ever encounter it in your travels, make sure to keep your distance, or suffer the consequences.

Marie Antoinette’s Diamond Pendant: A Tragic Family Heirloom with a Ghostly Reputation?

This one is sure to give you the chills! Marie Antoinette’s diamond pendant was once owned by the doomed French queen, who perished during the Reign of Terror. This exquisite piece of jewelry survived her death and has since been passed down through generations, with each said to have experienced its own share of tragic events.

History's Most Famous Haunted Jewelry

Even the gifting of this piece was mired in scandal, and so it really seems like it was drenched with bad vibes from the day of its creation.

Queen Victoria’s Sapphire Ring: The Royal Curse That Refuses to Die

If you think that cursed jewelry is a thing of the past, then take a look at Queen Victoria’s sapphire ring. Originally made for her coronation, this regal heirloom has been passed down through the bluest of British bloodlines ever since, and has its own fair share of tragedy and pain associated with it.


Some believe that this curse was in part imbued in the ring by Queen Victoria herself, after she wore it as her beloved husband Albert’s passed away in 1861. And despite attempts to break the spell over time, it seems like this haunting legend still lives on.

The Infamous Curse of the Hope Diamond: a Dark Tale for Dark Times

When it comes to haunted jewelry, one of the most notorious pieces is none other than the Hope Diamond, which has been rumored to have a type of negative aura surrounding it ever since it came into the possession of westerners.

This 45-carat gem has been linked with numerous calamities throughout history, and even just coming into close proximity to it can cause this negativity to rub off on you, if you believe in that sort of thing.

It’s believed that this sinister heirloom was plucked from a Hindu temple in India by an explorer sometime during the 17th century, before being sold off at auction. Legend has it that the person who purloined it from its original resting place met a bloody end, and since then, its dark reputation has followed it.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Turquoise Brooch: Was It Really Haunted By Evil Spirits?

In a more recent story of haunted jewelry, Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic turquoise brooch was believed by many to be possessed by spirits that were more than a little mischievous. And given her status in vintage movie fashion, it’s definitely an intriguing event from the 20th century.

History's Most Famous Haunted Jewelry
HULTON DEUTSCH//GETTY IMAGES Elizabeth Taylor in a Bulgari necklace (sold for more than $6 million)

According to legend, this cursed piece of jewelry was crafted from a single stone that had been taken from an ancient Egyptian tomb. It eventually found its way to the acting stalwart, who had her fair share of ups and downs over the course of her life.

It was even sold recently, so clearly there’s still a lot of value attached, and plenty of people willing to pay a premium for an item of jewelry regardless of its reportedly tarnished past. It just shows you that you shouldn’t believe everything you read online!

The Spectral Ruby Earrings from the Tower of London

The Tower Of London is a major UK tourist attraction, and millions flock there each year to gawp at its intimidating bulk and observe the amazing artifacts it contains in abundance.History's Most Famous Haunted Jewelry

Among the Crown Jewels are a pair of 15th century earrings that are said to have been owned by none other than Anne Boleyn, one of Henry VIII’s ill-fated wives.

The Tower itself is apparently brimming with ghosts and specters, so really a set of spooky earrings are just the tip of the iceberg!History's Most Famous Haunted Jewelry 3

Wrapping Up

Curses and ghostly goings-on are just a bit of fun, so don’t get too spooked by the idea of old jewelry being haunted. Just try to make good memories when wearing your classic pieces, and you’ll be fine.


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