Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Florist

by Nicole in Comment — Updated June 26, 2024

Flowers form a significant portion of wedding decorations. You’ll need to have bridal bouquet centerpieces and other flowers. As such, you need to hire an experienced florist.

Some brides say they don’t feel it’s their wedding day until they hold a bouquet in their hands. That’s why they take the time to think about the flowers they want to use at their wedding. Without a doubt, flowers can change the way your reception and wedding venue looks like.

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Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Florist

To ensure you get the best flowers for your wedding, it’s essential to ask your wedding florist some vital questions. This article discusses some of those questions.

1. Do You Have Some Examples Of Your Work?

After buying your flowers and getting them delivered by Pearsons Flower Delivery, you need to book an appointment with a florist. The florist that you select should be experienced and have some samples of their previous work. If they have an online presence, chances are you’ve already gone through their gallery.

However, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they have other photos of weddings they’ve designed. The weddings they’ve attended may be so many that they can’t feature all of them on their social media platforms.

Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Florist

The examples of their work will help you have a wide choice to select from and tell you more about their quality. If your appointment is in a studio, you may even see some fresh examples. It doesn’t hurt to ask them about the fairs and wedding shows they intend to exhibit in the near future because they’ll allow you to check out more of their designs.

2. Will Be Free On My Wedding Date?

This should be the first question you ask a florist because it can save you from getting attached to a person who’ll be busy on your wedding day. If they’re held up on your wedding date, ask them to recommend other florists with a similar style and may be available on that day. Alternatively, you can go through your list and visit other florists you have in mind.

Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Florist

3. What’s Your Style?

Wedding suppliers and florists have different styles. It’s vital to ensure that the florist you select has a style that matches yours. Some florists may have uniformed and formal styles, while others may be experts in wildflower bouquets. Still, others may be focusing on a minimalist style. The florist you select should develop an arrangement that you love.

4. How Many Weddings Can You Design In A Day?

To get the best service possible, you should hire a florist who only works on your wedding on the wedding day. You don’t want things to be rushed because they may create mistakes.

Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Florist

So, it’s vital to ask your florist how many weddings they work on in a day. There’s no doubt that your florist can set up flowers for your wedding and move to another wedding later in the day. If that’s the case, they should give you a detailed plan of how much time they’ll give your wedding and any backup plans they have in place if things get out of hand.

The Bottom Line

Before settling on a florist, you need to know more about their services and availability. These questions can give you a hint on whether the florist you’ve selected is a perfect fit for your wedding.

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